The Yungchen Lhamo Charitable Foundation is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization whose mission is to help Tibetans in need, with a special focus on single mothers and their children.

The goals of the foundation are:

To inspire...

Tibetan history is richly colored by the lives of many great women: warriors, mothers, physicians, religious practitioners, artists, and more. Yet many of these women are not as well known as they should be.

The Amnye Machin Institute in India has gathered together many works from the rich chapters of Tibetan history, and we need sponsorship to publish them in both Tibetan and English. Bringing these biographies to light, with careful thought and annotation, will give these women their rightful place in the historical record, where they can serve as role models and inspire future generations.

To educate...

In the West, the astonishing developments of the Information Age are often taken for granted. But in countries where people do not have the opportunity to go to school when they are growing up, a computer is a kind of miracle machine providing education resources unimaginable until recently.

In addition to building dormitories for young Tibetan girls relocating to India, the Yungchen Lhamo Charitable Foundation seeks to provide them with a formal education and Internet access.

To sustain...

With your support, these Tibetans will be able to acquire valuable knowledge and degrees, thereby enhancing their skill sets and employment prospects. Additionally, you would give them the gift of potable drinking water, a rare commodity in rural areas.


These projects require significant funding that exceeds what I am able to raise through my concerts alone. And so I ask you for your help.

I hope that you will be able to provide financial support, which will be of great benefit to the many Tibetan women and children in need.

Yungchen Lhamo

Contact us for information on how to make a contribution to the Foundation.

You can also send a check or money order to:

The Yungchen Lhamo Charitable Foundation
224 Metropolitan Ave., Suite #7
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